Captcha Entry Jobs Without Investment

Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha Entry Jobs Without Investment

Captcha entry Jobs is a short word consisting of a few letters. These Captcha companies provide a short word consisting of a few letters. You have to type it as it is and submit. The more words you make, the more money you make. There is no limit on this captcha entry work. Type any number of words per day. You can do this work from home and anywhere.

You can do this via mobile or computer. This work is done online so must have net. You can work at any time and any where. Target and timing will not work for this. Students who are unemployed and Rohini anyone can do this work. Most people these days want to do an easy job. For such people it is very easy. But the money will come in a little less.

Good Typing Speed

You can make a lot of money if you have good typing speed. Your earnings depend on the typing speed. No experience is require to join this work. Everyone who is interest can get this work. Your income will increase depending on the words you type and the speed.

Many top typists are making a lot of money in this captcha entry work. It is not possible to make more money without increasing the typing speed. So you need to increase the typing speed. This captcha entry work must be done very carefully. Because if you do it wrong your account will be lost. After registering in the captcha entry jobs of your choice you need to type the words correctly.

If you type incorrectly as you like, your account will be suspend. Also there will be some time to type a word. You must type the word within 15 seconds. If you do not understand a word then you can skip it. Type the words that make sense to you. Below are some good captcha entry jobs. Register at the workshop of your choice.


Megatypers Workforce Management Company. They are await by typists around the world. If you are able to type at least 10 words per minute you can easily make money from it. You can work on this website for as long as you like. You can work any number of days.

Your typing speed and how much time you are working on this website. You will receive a payment based on this. Top typists earn between $ 100 and $ 200 per month. You get a minimum of $ 0.45 for every thousand words you type and a maximum of $ 1. May come up to 5. The minimum payout on this website is $ 1. You can then transfer it to your account.


This 2captcha website is by far the best. You need to register as a worker. After logging in, click Start Work. You will have normal captcha and re captcha there. You need to select the one that suits you best.

Payment comes in the form of a normal captcha and a type of re captcha. Typing 1000 words for a normal captcha costs $ 0.30. Re captcha costs $ 1. Payment can be made after you earn $ 1.


This protypers website is similar to megatypers. It is very easy for you to work on it. Payment depends on the words you type. The more words you type the more money will come. The top typists are making a lot of money.

You also need to have good typing speed to make more money in it. Then you can also make a lot more money. You can get paid after you earn $ 1.


It provides captcha work worldwide. The company was start in 2007. Since then it does that very well. Most of it was making money.

You can work on it anywhere. This comes to 35 for every 1000 words. Those with good typing speed can earn 100 to 200 of this every month.


Captchatypers This is a very good captcha entry website. It costs $ 0.8 to $ 1.5 if you type every thousand images. In which you can earn more and less depending on the time. Comes a little less if you work during the day. Comes with a little more if working during the night.

Working between 9 am and 9 pm comes in at 0.8. Working between 9pm and 9am comes to 1.5. You can get paid after you earn $ 1.

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