Are You Searching For A New Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs

Are You Searching For A New Engineering Jobs

Are you searching for a new engineering jobs. Despite the growth of modern technologies and the need for increased engineering, Guest Posting these job can still be hard to come by, as the industry is very competitive. Ensure you have the appropriate qualifications to fulfil a task properly beforehand, as the industry involves a high amount of health and safety risks.

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It may be easy to be attracted to the big companies when you’re looking for an appropriate engineering job, but don’t assume bigger is always better. Smaller companies have the potential to offer you more experience and responsibility as there may be bound by less stricter regulations than larger organizations. There is a diverse range of engineering companies out there, and small to medium sized businesses can sometimes offer you a lot more than the ‘household name’ companies may be able to.

When searching for a new engineering job, don’t just register your CV and wait for the offers to come rolling in. Advertise yourself by networking, it’s great to make valuable connections as soon as possible, so if your dad’s friend is in the engineering industry, make sure you invite him round for lunch every once in a while. Or that guy you met on the train that was also looking for an engineering job, keep in contact with them. Whether its through Linked In, or on a more personal level, you never know when those connections might just come in handy and secure you a winning opportunity in the future.


Technical interviews are extremely different to others, you definitely can’t bluff your way out of anything in an engineering job interview. Don’t be tempted to tell a few ‘white lies’ on your application to enhance your skills or experience, as employers will ensure you know what your doing before you start any engineering work, as a high element of risk of safety is involved in many day-to day engineering tasks that could be detrimental to a lot of people if you don’t know what your doing.

We’ve taken some information from The Job Crowd and found the top five Engineering companies to work for, which are listed below.

1. GE

The size of the company ensures endless opportunities to grow, move and develop in every aspect.

2. Amey

The UK based infrastructure support service provider is an innovative and forward thinking company and very keen attitude to develop employees.

3. Tube Lines Limited

TLL is responsible for maintenance, renewal and upgrade of the infrastructure and supposedly has a very supportive staff culture.

4. Rolls Royce

The renowned British car engineering company is voted high for it’s endless opportunities provided for its employees.

5. Mott Macdonald

The multidisciplinary engineering consultancy group scores high for it’s great work life balance by providing quiz nights, sports days and more.

It’s great to dream working at some of the huge international companies mentioned above, but don’t get too dead set on your dream job. Think of realistic aims, you need an engineering job with an appropriate salary, according to your previous experience and qualifications, but also look at the future promotion prospects.

Do you want to be stuck in the same job until retirement. Regular goals, like promotions can be a great way to keep you focused in your engineering job and continually working hard as you know there’s a great reward at the end of it.

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