Online Teaching Jobs Work From Home

Online Teaching Jobs

Online Teaching Jobs Work From Home

Online teaching jobs Many people like to do teaching job. Understandable subject wants to tell lessons. But not everyone can find a teaching job. Those who want to do a teaching job can take lessons online from home. Doing online teaching jobs can reduce a lot of stress and effort. There is a good demand for online teaching jobs these days. You can do it part time or full time.

How Much Money Can You Make Through Online Teaching

1. Depends on the subject you choose

2. Depends on how many hours you work

3. Whether or not you have any previous understanding on teaching

4. Have you done any teaching job in the past or have good teaching skills

5. It also depends on the company you work for

Benefits of doing online teaching jobs

1. You can do this job both part time and full time

2. You can work at any time you like

3. There will be no traveling to another place

4. You can teach from home and anywhere

5. Videos can be made and uploaded online

6. You can also give live videos

How to get an online teaching job

There are many companies offering online teaching jobs. You can do a job in a company I like. If you want to do your online teaching job seriously and permanently, upload your resume online at the company of your choice. They will contact you. Below are some good company website for you to do online teaching. Register with the company of your choice and do an online teaching job.


You do not need to do videos and live classes after registering on this website. You will receive text questions on this website. They must be answered correctly. It is very easy to work with. You get paid more in subjects like programming, management, computer science, engineering. Payment ranges from around 150 to 200 rupees per question.

Subject questions like Mathematics, English, Humanities, etc. get less payment. Payment is less than one hundred rupees per question. You must answer the questions on this website at the right time. You will get a lot more payment by answering using your skill. The answers you give should be correct and in your own way.


Vedantu Company is one of the best online teaching jobs. You can give an online class on any subject of your choice on this website. Students can also take their online classes while continuing their studies. Students can also earn money by giving an online class if they have good teaching skills. In order to give an online class on this site you need to register and upload a resume.

This company will review your profile. You will be give a topic that suits your profile. You have to give a demo class on it. If you successfully give a demo class you will be select. The company will then give you training. Students will be given training on how to teach the lessons and the method of teaching the lessons.

You will be give an online class after completing the training. If you successfully complete it often online classes will keep coming to you. On this website you can work as many hours as you want. The longer you work, the more you get paid.


Un Academy in which online classes are very convenient and easy to teach. You can say your favorite languages ​​in class. Teaching can be done in any subject. This website has some process to join as an educator as a teacher. They will accept you as a teacher if you complete that process properly. Let’s see how you can join it. You first need to download the unacademy Educator app from the Play Store.

You need to create an account as an educator in the app. Need to upload demo media. That video should be less than three minutes long. You can upload a three minute subject video of your choice. You can put a demo video in any language and in any class.

This company they will not pressure you. You can say your favorite online classes. They will review your profile and demo video after you register. They take some time to examine. So until then you have to be patient. You will need to complete the KYC after they have been examined. For KYC verification you will need to upload your Aadhaar card, PAN card and your photo.

After this KYC verify you will need to make a one minute live video. Part of it is that you have to tell your things and why you are joining Un Academy in one minute through a one minute selfie video. They will accept you as an educator after the video is verified.

Upload Five courses

You will now need to upload 5 courses. Put 5 courses in any subject you like. Those courses are verified. They will then send you a Google form. In it you have to state your details and your t-shirt size details. They will then send you a t-shirt.

Once they select you as an educator you will have to put up 10 videos per month. 10 live videos to keep. You make 10 live videos of it in the first month, so the first payment comes to Rs 10000. Your payment will depend on how many students you are earning and how many you are attracting.

The company selects the top 5 educators each month. The first educator will be give Rs 2,50000. 1,50000 will be give to the second educators. Rs 75,000 will be give to the third educator. 50,000 will be give to the fourth educator. 25,000 will be give to the fifth educator. The rest of them also get paid depending on the online classes they say. There are also some additional benefits to this website. The company also sends some of the equipment they need for online teaching. With those tools you can make online classes even better.


This website contains many types of teaching jobs. There are many types of subject. You can say the subject you like is the online class. The payment is on an hourly basis. Payment can be up to 500 per hour. Everything comes paid for how many hours you work. If you want to join this, go to this website. You will find many types of subject.

Apply the subject of your choice. The applicant must fully disclose your details and your skills. You have to select how you want the payment. Apply after all the details are completely filled. They will check your profile. You will need to do a demo class. After you successfully give a demo class they will verify and give you online classes.


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